Mya Full Release @ Belleza

It’s here! The full line of Mya is now released at Belleza and I just can’t with how stunning she is. This skin is so flawless, smooth and beautiful, and all of the makeup’s available are amazing. Whether you like a smokey eye, a dash of colour or classic eyeliner, you’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

She’s available in 7 tones which I’ll show you below, and included you’ll get blonde, dark and red brows and hairbase and cleavage as a tattoo layer or an undershirt.

myatonesLeft – right: fair, pale, medium, SK, tan, deep tan, mocha. Lingerie – Jolie (nude) @ Izzie’s. Hair – Sassy 2 Fades @ Truth Hawks.

There are also 12 makeups to choose from; you can either purchase them separately, as a line or as a bundle, and they include both matte and gloss lips on tattoo layers.

myamakeupEyes – Clarity Ardent Eyes @ IKON.

Here’s your taxi.


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Have you heard about the new monthly event called The Box? It’s just started and will promote the latest trends in fashion and design, all of which will be exclusive. I picked up some awesome colourful jeans from Rekless Ambitions that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. They’re available in 6 colours; coral, mint, cyan, red, bue, and neon and you can wear them cuff up or cuff down.

vinyl_004Picture taken @ Vintage Vinyl Records & Cafe. Pose – [fable] something in the way you move – (marukin) @ Pose Fair *NEW*

I’M LOVING THIS NEW ROUND OF COLLABOR88 SO MUCH YOU GUISE. Sorry about the caps lock, but that’s how excited I am for all the goodies. The junk food collection from (Yummy) is so COOL, you can get rings and matching earrings that are burgers, hotdogs, french fries, a pizza slice AND A DONUT…and bai now I’m starving. You can also get a necklace that has all of those items on it.

collagePose – Laura Pose 2 @ RACK Poses.


Skin – Summer Skin @ Belleza (Shyla Diggs)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Glass – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Elisha – Fades (pumpkinpie) MESH @ Truth  *NEW* (Truth Hawks)

Tattoo – Antler Hip Tattoo @ +Half-Deer+ (Halogen Magic)


Top – Lua’s Cropped Shirt (bow) MESH – The Secret Store @ FaMESHed *NEW* (Maylee Oh)

Jeans – ColorBiter Jeans (coral) MESH – ::RA:: @ The Box *NEW* (Strawburrykush)

Shoes – Mae Platform (black) MESH [Gos Boutique] (Gospel Voom)


Glasses – Minimalist Glasses (titanium) MESH – *BOOM* @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Aranel Ah)

Necklace – Oui Necklace (gold) @ {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot)

Ring on right hand – Panda Ring MESH !Admiral Spicy! *NEW* (Sunny1986 Ember)

Rings on left hand – French Fry Ring & Burger Ring MESH – (Yummy) @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Polyester Partridge)

Bracelet/Watch – Boyfriend Watch @ [ glow ] studio (Jocelyn Anatine)

Nails – Classic Nails Spring/Summer 2013 Edition @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

If There’s Love Just Feel It

So Mon Tissu is BACK you guys, and they’re back with a bang. They’ve just released their first spring collection of 2013 and included in that are some shorts with belt, collared shirts and the gorgeous Rokoray dress which I’m wearing here. It comes in a variety of prints and colours which are perfect for your spring wardrobe.

neva_001Picture taken @ Neva River. Pose – Girls 628 – *EverGlow* @ Pose Fair *NEW*.

If you’ve not checked out this round of Belleza Best Buys, you need to before midnight tonight (Sunday 7th April). I did a blog post on the 3 exclusive skins HERE so be sure to try the demo before the price is marked up.

LaGyo recently released their first collection for summer, and it’s the super stylish Fran collection. You can buy belts, bows, headbands, sunglasses and bangles in a variety of colours and they’re all so brilliantly made.

collagePose – Magnetic 09 – D.Luxx Poses @ Pose Fair *NEW*.


Skin – Mya Med BBB #2 @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Clarity – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Jayna (dark browns) MESH @ (Milana) *NEW* (Asuka Martin)


Dress – Rokoray Dress (giraffes) MESH{mon tissu} *NEW* (Elie Spot)

Wedges – Lolita Espadrilles (black) MESH – [Gos] Boutique @ The Boutique *NEW* (Gospel Voom)


Ring – Teardrop Gemstone (black) @ (Yummy) (Polyester Partridge)

Bracelet on left – Caprice Bracelets (black & white) @ (Yummy) (Polyester Partridge)

Bracelet on right – Fran Vinyl Bow Bangle (black) MESHLaGyo *NEW* (Gyorgyna Larnia)

Headband – Fran Vinyl Bow headband (black) MESHLaGyo *NEW* (Gyorgyna Larnia)

Nails – Classic Nails Spring/Summer 2013 Edition @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On

I dunno about you, but this month is really flying by for me. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of March, and that means this round of Collabor88 is starting to come to a close. You have just over a week to pick up some of the great things on sale there, and in this post I’m gonna show you a couple of my favourites.

This oversized top from ISON @ Collabor88 is awesome, I love baggy clothes that are super comfortable and I paired it with the new footless tights from Maitreya.

maitreya_005Picture taken @ Mayfair. Pose – Grocery Bag Set @ Focus Poses.

I’m in love with the new August ankle boots, also from Maitreya. If you’re a member of the V.I.P group you can buy a pack of 3 boots for just L$500….crazy good deal.

collagePose – Simplicity 03 @ D Luxx.


Skin – Mya SF Med (#3) – Belleza @ Skin Fair *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Skyfall – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Teddy – Dark Browns (mocha) MESH @ Truth  (Truth Hawks)


Top – Oversized Top (white) MESH – ISON @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Harry Hyx)

Pants – Footless Tights (royal) MESH @ Maitreya *NEW* (Onyx LeShelle)

Boots – August Ankle Boots (oyster) MESH @ Maitreya *NEW* (Onyx LeShelle)


Necklace – Keshi Pearl Heart MESH – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Maxi Gossamer)

Bracelet – Copacetic Tallulah MESH – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Maxi Gossamer)

Bag – The Godmother II (black) MESH @ [DDL] *NEW* (Melina Anatine)

Nails – Classic Nails Spring/Summer 2013 Edition @ Izzie’s *NEW* (Izzie Button)

In A Chain Of Flowers

I warned you in a previous post of mine that you were gonna see a lot more pastel colours from me, and I wasn’t fibbing. I can’t get enough of this wrapped tank from Tee*fy available @ Collabor88, and I found that it goes awesomely with the pencil skirt from The Secret Store that’s currently out @ FaMESHed.

The over the shoulder cardigan I’m wearing here from tram is a great purchase because you can choose from 4 packs with different patterns, and each pack has multiple texture change options.

mya_001Picture taken @ It all starts with a smile. Pose – Cherry Blossom Parasol – Picture This! @ The Boutique.

*G Field* have come out with some fantastic wedge pumps that are perfect for spring. They’re available in 20 colours and come with a HUD that allows you to change parts of them like the front ribbon and base of the wedge.

I love this headband from Noodles @ The Boutique too, and you can buy the necklace, ring and bracelet to match.

collagePose – stand 244 @ !bang.


Skin – Asia Skin peach DB – Izzie’s @ Skin Fair *NEW* (Izzie Button)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Blossom – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Plenty – [01] MESH Magika (Sabina Gully)


Top – Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank (pink) MESH – Tee*fy @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Azure Electricteeth)

Skirt – Annie Pencil Skirt (mint polka) MESH – The Secret Store @ FaMESHed *NEW* (Maylee Oh)

Cardigan – J.I Caridgan MESH @ tram (moca Loup)

Shoes – Adele Wedge Pumps (ivory) MESH @ *G Field* *NEW* (Cerberus Noel)


Earrings & bracelet – Michelle Pearl Set @ (Yummy) (Polyester Partridge)

Necklace – Vintage Camera Charm Necklace – (Yummy) @ Collabor88 *NEW* (Polyester Partridge)

Watch – Play (white) @ [DDL] (Melina Anatine)

Headband – Sakura Headband (gold) MESH – Noodles @ The Boutique *NEW* (Natalee Oodles)

Nails – Classic Nails Spring/Summer 2013 Edition @ Izzie’s *NEW* (Izzie Button)

I Know I’d Go From Rags To Riches

I’m taking a break from blogging all the gorgeous skins that are gonna be available at Skin Fair 2012 tomorrow, to show you this luxurious fur coat recently released from [Belgravia]. Not only is it a perfect shape and style, but it’s also named after ME. That’s right…this is the Millie Mink Coat 😀 Available in 8 deep colours, all of which come with a metallic waist clincher to accentuate your womanly curves.

coat_002Picture taken @ The Looking Glass. Pose – [clinic] vintique – (marukin) @ Collabor88 *NEW*

ALSO, Leverocci/[Belgravia] has just announced a huge sale. This will be your last chance to buy some items, because a lot are gonna be discontinued once the sale is over. All items (excluding the most recent release) will have up to 75% off, so you really don’t wanna miss out. You’ll have to tp to the store as the sale isn’t applicable via the marketplace.

collagePose – [classic] – counting blessings @ (marukin).


Skin – Ava Medium (#6) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Lucid Eyes – Machine @ IKON  *March Group Gift* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Effect (bournville) MESH @ LeLutka (Thora Charron)


Top – My Crop Corset (black) @ H.O.F (Fashionboi Landar)

Skirt – Bradley (ebony) MESH @ coldLogic (coldLogic)

Coat – Millie Mink Coat (plum) MESH @ [Belgravia] *NEW* (Jin Elfan)

Shoes – Grace Sandals (black patent) MESH @ [Gos] Boutique (Gospel Voom)


Necklace & Ring – Nirvana (golden) @ (Kunglers Extra) (Avagardner Kungler)

Hat – Blackdrop Hat (black) @ LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)

Clutch – Continental Wallet (black) @ H.O.F (Fashionboi Lander)

Nails – French Nails @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Skin Fair 2013 Preview – Izzie’s

Skin Fair 2013 is fast approaching you guys, are you excited? It opens it’s doors to the public on Friday 15th March through to Sunday 31st March and will showcase new and exclusive skins from over 80 of your favorite designers from around the grid. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek and you’re gonna be amazed by the variety of skins available including male and female skins, child skins, fantasy skins, and even mesh avatars.

The first skin that I want to show you is the beautiful Asia skin from Izzie’s. It’s available in 6 skin tones (there’s even a special edition for gingers) which I’m going to show you below.

skintonecollageLeft column – top to bottom – light, peach, ginger edition. Right column – top to bottom – medium, tanned, dark tan.

With whichever skin tone you purchase, you’ll get the option of 6 eyeshadows, 3 eyeliners and 6 lipsticks all on a tattoo layer. So many pretties! You’ll also get the choice to wear cleavage and blonde, light, dark or red brows (those brow options only available light, peach, medium and tanned skin tone).


The fair covers two sims this year and there will be a strict script policy to prevent lag as much as possible. To keep up to date on the events, you can join the Skin Fair 2013 group on the 14th March. The organisers will be making announcements in that group as well as the Skin Addiction Group.

It’s shaping up to be a really awesome event, I’ll update my blog on the 15th with the LM but for now stay tuned to all the blogs for more previews!

*Eyes by IKON, lingerie by Izzie’s*

Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 - Skin copy