Belleza Best Buys – Mya

Happy Friday you guys! Today, there is a brand new round of Belleza Best Buys for the ladies AND the gents. This month brings you the updated and stunning ‘Mya’ skin in 3 exclusive makeups. She’s available in pale, medium, sun-kissed and tan and all have dark, red and blonde brows included.


Picture 1 credits

Skin – Mya Pale BBB Bl #1 @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Blossom – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Uffie (light blonde) MESH @ Faenzo *NEW* (Faenzo)

Earrings – Isabella (pale) MESH – LaGyo @ Collabor88 (Gyorgyna Larnia)

Picture 2 credits

Skin – Mya Tan BBB #2 @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Chocolate – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Fix (1b) MESH @ Analog Dog (Queue Marlowe)

Earrings – Ecce Earrings (gold) @ ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. *NEW* (Snow Martiel)

Picture 3 credits

Skin – Mya Med BBB #3 @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – Clarity – IKON @ The Boutique *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Tied Up (genetic) MESHEPOQUE *NEW* (Riot Core)

Earrings – Delightful Dahlia MESH – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed *NEW* (Maxi Gossamer)

For the guys they also have the very sexy ‘Eric’ with 3 facial hairs and available in medium, sun-kissed and tan skintones, and he’s a real hottie so be sure to get your male friends to check him out.

All of these skins are available RIGHT NOW and will be until midnight, Sunday 7th April for the amazingly low price of L$400 each.



You’re Poison Running Through My Veins

Who else is spoilt for choice with all the new events that have recently opened? I KNOW I AM. I’m so excited to show you some of my favourite things that have just been released, starting with this GORGEOUS corset from *League* at Whore Couture Fair. It has so many various ways to wear it; you can choose from 4 stud metals or no studs at all, 2 sleeve position options or sleeveless and 5 corset design variations.

Now onto my jeans. These are the first mesh jeans DeeTaleZ has released and they’re fab. I’m really impressed with the quality and fit of them, not to mention the fact they give you a GREAT ARSE.

purple_002Picture taken @ Toxian City. Pose – F*S pack A1 – !bang @ Free*Style (pack of 3 poses for only L$10!)

Have you been to Belleza to check out their Best Buys yet? You don’t have much time left if you haven’t because the 3 female skins are only available at the exclusive price of L$400 until the 3rd March.

Wasabi Pills is on a roll lately, she has a hair out for FaMESHed and 2 hairs at Whore Couture Fair. Be sure to check them out cause they’re all very pretty.



Skin – Amy SK BBB 0 @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Ice @ IKON  (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Ivette – Browns (coffee) MESH – Wasabi Pills @ Whore Couture Fair *NEW* (MissAllSunday Lemon)

Tattoo – Time Out @ – BlackFeet – (BlackFeetTattoos)


Top – Nyx Corset -Leather- (aubergine) MESH – *League* @ Whore Couture Fair *NEW* (Nena Janus)

Jeans – Skinny Jeans (dark blue) MESH @ DeeTaleZ  *NEW* (Steffi Villota)

Shoes – Mae Platform (black) MESH [Gos Boutique] (Gospel Voom)


Necklace – Gold Cross MESH @ Maxi Gossamer (Maxi Gossamer)

Ring – Athena Solitaire Ring @ ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. *NEW* (Snow Martiel)

Watch – Spinning Watch (gold/purple) – UPGRD @ The Arcade

Nails – French Nails @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Happy shopping! ❤

You Drive Us Wild, We’ll Drive You Crazy

Got more goodies to show you here, but not quite sure where to start cause it’s all awesome.

Let’s start with the lovely cropped sweater & shirt from *COCO*. Anything that looks this good and doesn’t require any layering on mesh is a huge bonus in my books, I love the fact that it comes as 1 piece.

I thought it would go really well with the new Maitreya Leather Pants, and I wasn’t disappointed. The detail of the zippers on them is so good, and it gives you a great bootay.

bike_001Picture taken @ Tobacco Road. Pose & prop – Sexy Biker @ Focus Poses.

Now for something very special. The new shoes from Gos. You don’t need me to tell you how incredible they are, because you’ve probably already tried them on and fallen in love. Never before has skin matching been so easy, and there’s a style for everyone. My favourite pair is the Mae Platform pictured below.

bike_005See how beautiful?

leathercollagePose – Simplicity 10 @ D.Luxx


Skin – Ava 2 BB Medium @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Eyes – Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Brown @ IKON  (Ikon Innovia)

Beauty Mark – Beauty Marks @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Hair – Beyond The Waves (swiss) MESH @ Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)


Sweater – Cropped Sweater & Shirt (beige) MESH @ *COCO* *NEW* (cocoro Lemon)

Pants – Leather Skinny Pants (black) MESH @ Maitreya *NEW* (Onyx LeShelle)

Shoes – Mae Platform (black) MESH @ [Gos Boutique] *NEW* (Gospel Voom)


Necklace – Esra’s Giant Teardrop MESH @ Maxi Gossamer (Maxi Gossamer)

Ring – Cross Ring @ ..::Bens Beauty::.. (Snow Martiel)

Nails – French Nails @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Happy Shopping ❤

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Batter up!

I’m such a sucker for things with my initial on, so when [monso] released this baseball jacket I was as happy as a pig in muck. I was always pretty good at Rounders when I was younger (which is kind of like an English version of Baseball), so that’s what I went for with this blog post.


Pose & props – Play Ball @ *elymode*. Picture taken @ HISpose Mainstore.

IKON has released some new eyes too, their new Eternal eyes are so pretty.


Pose – [willow] Pensive – (marukin) @ Collabor88 *NEW*.


Skin – Shyla Medium (#2) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Beauty Mark – FLF Beauty Marks (still available) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Eyes – Eternal Eyes – Azure @ IKON *NEW* (Ikon Innovia)

Lipstick – Med Lips 0 – Shy/Betty @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Hair – Dolly – Dark Browns (mocha) MESH @ Truth  (Truth Hawks)


Jacket – My Baseball Jacket (navy) MESH @ [monso] *NEW* (Morphine Janick)

Tank – Lace Trim Camisole (white) @ *BOOM* (Ophelia Demina)

Shorts – Every Day Shorts (raven) MESH @ JANE (Janie Marlowe)

Socks – Sporty Socks (black/white) @ DCNY (Anessa Stine)

Boots – Kippen Wedge Boot (black) @ ISON (Harry Hyx)


Necklace – 50L Coin Necklace @ (yummy) (Polyester Partridge)

Earrings – Many Hoop Earring (silver) @ ..::Bens Beauty::.. (Snow Martiel)

Bubble Gum – Yummy Bubble Gum @ [PF] (Mochi Milena)

Nails – French Nails @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Have a wonderful day ❤

The Fever For You Is Just Burning Me Up Inside

Hey errbody!

Hope everyone is doing well and has had a fun weekend. I’ve got some new goodies to show you and have been meaning to blog them for the past few days. Truth Hawks has started doing a fades option for his hair and I’m so happy he has. This new release called Swift is really pretty and I love the textures of it. !Admiral Spicy! has brought out these awesome mesh Cuffed Skinny Jeans which go perfectly with the new Loveable Pumps from The Secret Store.


Pose – Mini Series – Backed Up 2 @ !bang. Picture taken @ Takeuti Town (can rez).

Maxi Gossamer is without doubt one of my favourite jewelry creators in SL. Her work is so realistic, detailed and such high quality. She’s just released this beautiful Valentina Jewelled Cross set (necklace & earrings) which includes a long and short version of the necklace, gold and silver option and a choice of 6 diamond colours via the texture changer.


Pose – Simplicity 08 @ D Luxx.


Skin – Shyla Medium (#11) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Beauty Mark – FLF Beauty Marks (still available) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Eyes – Kaleido Eyes – Sky @ IKON (Ikon Innovia)

Hair – Swift – Fades (toast) MESH @ Truth *NEW* (Truth Hawks) 


Top – Merino Wool Sweater (colourblock5) MESHLeverocci (Jin Elfan)

Jeans – Cuffed Skinny Jeans (dark blue) MESH !Admiral Spicy! *NEW* (Sunny1986 Ember)

Shoes – Lovable Pumps (camel) @ The Secret Store *NEW* (Maylee Oh)


Necklace & Earrings – Valentina Jewelled Cross MESH @ Maxi Gossamer *NEW* (Maxi Gossamer)

Scarf – Equi Scarf (ombre purple) MESH @ [Decoy] *NEW* (Annette Voight)

Ring – Lace Ribbon Ring @ ..::Bens Beauty::.. (Snow Martiel)

Nails – French Nails @ Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

There’s A Dreamy World Up There

Greetings Gentlesirs & Gentleladies

.: vive nine :. just released new blazers for men & women, so I got my gorgeous best friend, Johnny to blog with me. Check out what he’s wearing on his awesome blog You Stay Classy SL.


Don’t we look purdy?

Pose – Forteau by Raymond Ohmai. Picture taken @ Gilmour (able to rez).

I didn’t wear it in the main picture, but !Blah are selling the best necklaces EVER…My Emotional Poop necklace! They’re part of a gatcha @ ZombiePopcorn and I knew I had to get one.



Skin – Shyla Medium (#1) @ Belleza *NEW* (Tricky Boucher)

Beauty Mark – FLF Beauty Marks (still available) @ Belleza (Tricky Boucher)

Eyelashes – Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) MESH @ Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Eyes – Gem Mesh Eyes Dark Blue MESH @ Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)

Hair – Ready To Go Natural Fusion (cashmere) MESH – Exile *NEW* @ FaMESHed (Kavar Cleanslate)


Blazer – Kasia Cropped Blazer (violet) MESH @ .: vive nine :. *NEW* (Sanya Bilavio)

Tank – Layering Tank – Scoop (white) @ (Darling Monday)

Jeans – Zipper Skinny Pastel (mint) MESH @ Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

Shoes – Suede Heels (green/purple) MESH @ L’APH *NEW* (Aphrodite Outlander)


Glasses – Park Shades @ Reek (Riq Graves)

Necklace – My Emotional Poop Necklace (nerdy) @ !Blah *NEW* (hOShi kimono)

Bracelet – Hoop Bracelet (metallic pack) MESH @ ..::Bens Beauty::.. (Snow Martiel)

Toodles ❤