Skin Fair 2013 Preview – Essences

I’m back with another preview of a new skin due to be released at Skin Fair on Friday; the very pretty Clover skin from Essences.

I’ll admit that I’ve never really checked out Essences before, and for that I hang my head in shame. SHAME I TELL YOU. But I’d heard this was one of the skins you absolutely have to demo, and I totally agree. It”ll be available in 8 different skin tones, and the one I’m wearing in this post is Light Rose.

With each tone you can choose from a bare version or 4 makeups. If you opt for the bare version, you could always purchase the Clover eyeshadow pack which have 8 vibrant colours (light & dark version included).

essencecollageBare version & makeup versions.

Included in this skin are brown, brunette, blonde and ginger brows, and you can also purchase separately tattoo lashes and Lola appliers.

eyeshadowcollageClover eyeshadow pack (wearing dark option).

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s plenty for you to check out at Essences, so be sure to when Skin Fair opens on Friday!

*all eyes by IKON*


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